Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

Building up an asset register has never been an easy task and is generally very time consuming and expensive. Any data collected usually by pen and paper is out of date very quickly, difficult to update and impossible to use for reporting purposes. With Capture-fm® from DataTrak Ltd, the task of capturing your company's asset information and keeping it up to date has never been easier.

While Capture-fm® is designed with several modules to show you what assets you have, who is responsible for them, their location, financial information, PAT testing records etc., so a complete audit trail is available for audit and insurance purposes, Capture-fm® mobile enables the use of handheld devices to collect asset information then transferred the data to Capture-fm® database system.

Key Benefits

70% Complete
Always know what assets you have and where they are
60% Complete (success)
Uniquely identify each asset, ideal for security
90% Complete (info)
Monitor asset movements between multiple sites
70% Complete (warning)
Quickly retrieve detailed asset information
40% Complete (danger)
Save time and money
40% Complete (info)
Spend less time looking for information
50% Complete (warning)
Create planned maintenance job sheets
70% Complete (success)
Store and report upon PAT Test results
80% Complete (danger)
Maintain correct insurance coverage through up-to-date records
70% Complete (danger)
Maintain a financial record of assets and their depreciation / value
60% Complete (info)
Speedy report generation

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All Capture-fm® software are designed, coded and published by DataTrak Ltd, an ISO 9001 Registered company with a wealth of practical and commercial experience in the asset management industry.

DataTrak have provided asset management software to all sectors of industry both large and small for over 10 years and have vast experience in not just the software side, but the asset tracking process itself - something that has been fed back into the development life cycle of our software.

Our Software are simple to use with a great user interface. From the PC user interface design, to the mobile surveying process, we have used all of our experience to provide the easiest and best user experience as possible.

Capture-fm® physical audit software is so easy to use. It is possible to learn how to use it with just one day’s training - a considerable saving when compared to other systems. In fact, we believe that the total cost of ownership and return on investment is probably the best achievable for a professional asset management system.

Our products are used by large international corporations and small organisations across the UK alike. Whether you want to track a few assets or a few thousand, whether you are a small organisation or large multinational corporation, we can provide you with a system to meet your needs.

Our software has been tried, tested and proven over years with more than 3 million asset records collected, you won't find a more reliable system for asset tracking.

Capture-fm® is a complete asset management solution, utilising handheld computers to collect information and then transferring the data to the its database system.

We truly believe that you will not find a simpler, well thought out and designed asset management system. From the PC user interface design, to the mobile surveying process, we have used all of our experience to provide the easiest and best user experience possible.
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Capture-fm® By DataTrak

Asset Management and Network Auditing Made Easy